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New Sauna stones partner

To relax and have a nice saua experience, you have to use quality sauna stones. You can soon find in our Terma-BALTIC webstore a quality sauna stones, provided us by a parther who specializes minging and distributing quality sauna stones.

We will have four different types of sauna stones:


“Gabbro-Diabase” is a very hard natural rock that is able to effectively absorb, and gradually release, heat. This stone can withstand high temperatures and can release its heat evenly. When heated, it does not emit any toxic gases.

Vaarikapunane Kvartsiit

Red Quartz is a unique type of stone that contains 95% quartz. Scientists have even stated that the stone has a healing effect when used in dry or steam saunas. Great heat retention and a life span of over five years when used extensively make it one of the most popular sauna stones in Russia.

White Quartz

White Quartz is found naturally in the Ural Mountains and is most commonly used as a sauna stone. The main feature of white quartz is that it has the unique ability to produce oxygen when heated or cooled. The result of this is the released oxygen atoms connect with the free oxygen ions, forming ozone. Ozone helps purify the lungs of carbon dioxide thereby positively affecting general health and wellbeing.


Due to its good heat transmission capabilities, soapstone is very often used as sauna stone. This stone is very efficient at absorbing heat and maintains this heat for a long period of time. Soapstone has a huge advantage over other sauna stones in that it has a unique ability to absorb water. It is because of this reason that it has a long life cycle.

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