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Customer does not have to register on our website to order our products!

  1. Choose th product what you want to buy and click on Add to Cart button
  2. On pop-up page you can choose to Continue Shopping otherwise click on Show Cart button
  3. Input the data for Invoice Reciver and Transport location
  4. Choose the Transport and Payment method
  5. Add Notes, accept the Terms and click on Check Out Now button
  6. terma-BALTICS administrator reviews your order, sends you the Order Invoice and informs you about the delivery deadlines.


We have 4 different transport methods.

  1. Buyer comes to our location to recive the goods* (free if charge)
  2. We deliver the goods only in Tallinn to client's location 6pm - 8pm (free of charge)
  3. Cargobus courier (Extra charge)
  4. Cargobus parcel points (free of charge)

* Client can recive the the goods at Lõime 7a, Tallinn Mon-Fri 5pm - 9pm. Client must call us firs +372 5687 6576

3. Delivery

After we recive your order we will review it and let you know if the product is in our warehouse or we have to order it from the factory. Delivery time from the factory is not more than 1 month and invoice is not sent out to Client before he/she accepts the delivery time pointed out by Terma-BALTIC administrator.


* I.M. Invest OÜ webshop buying and return policy regulated by Estonian law.
* The customer has the right to abandon the transaction within 14 (fourteen) days after customer recives the goods (VÕS § 56 lg 1). Option to return the product to exchange for cash or a comparable product. Money will be wired to customer bank account within 48h (2 workdays) after the customer returns the goods (VÕS § 56 lg 3, §194 lg 4).

* Return policy:

  • The customer has the right to abandon the transaction within 14 (fourteen) days after customer recives the goods (VÕS § 56 lg 1)
  • The goods has to be returned to seller (I.M. Invest OÜ-le) within 30 days after renunciation submission (VÕS § 56 lg 3)
  • Returned goods and packaging must be in pristine!
  • Goods must be unused!
  • The damage caused to the goods should not be a client-side.
  • Customer shall bear the cost of returning the goods (max 10 EUR, VÕS § 194 lg), exept if the damage has caused by I.M. Invest OÜ or product has been spoiled by factory or seller has delivered the wrong product.

* Condition of the submission claim:

  • the customer is entitled to raise a claim of lack of conformity of the product for two years after the receipt of the goods (VÕS § 218 lg 2)
  • the client must turn to I.M. Invest OÜ no later than two months after the onset of deficiency (VÕS § 220 lg 1)
  • The buyer has the right to require replacement or repair. In the event that repair or replacement is not possible or appropriate replacement cause unreasonable inconvenience to the consumer, the consumer has the right to withdraw from the contract (claim a refund).

For all the concerns dealing with customer service.

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